About Satya Mountain Yoga

Satya means truth, and the art of living in truthfulness - key to bring realization to embodied life. We are dedicated to support and empower your unique awakning journey towards inner freedom and union.
Sandra Ehlers is the founder of Satya Mountain Yoga. A certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher,  Completion Process Practitioner (deep trauma healing) and Reiki Master, she teaches and offers support with Kundalini, deep self-integration & trauma work, and deep energy work through 1:1 support, workshops, classes, meditations and more. 

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self-integration sessions

years of experience in
yoga and awakening

teaching certifications in yoga,
trauma healing and  energy work

Be held in love - what others say...

Completion Process
"I discovered Sandra through her videos on YouTube. I found her grounded way of talking about healing particularly refreshing. After attending one of her online workshops, I decided to begin working with her. At that time, I was discouraged by years of going in circles, not knowing what to do to get out of the state of paralysis I had been in. Working with Sandra changed that. With her patient, loving and compassionate approach, she encouraged me to go deep into that state instead of avoiding it. Doing so allowed me to become aware of the wounds I did not know existed. After a few weeks of working with her, I began feeling like I can do this work, regardless of how long it would take. I leave every session with her with a broader awareness what has been holding me back and a greater understanding of how to be with that. I am profoundly grateful for her precious help. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to go deep with inner healing work.
Completion Process
THANK YOU, SANDRA, for your amazing session. I was so beautifully surprised by the intensity of our healing session, how freely I wandered into the depths of my being and how soothing, reassuring and safe your voice and presence were for me.
Like an anchor, your guidance through the Completion Process was incredibly grounding as we travelled through the different stages of trauma and healing and releasing such trauma.
I cannot thank you enough!
Maite Christina López  
Shakti Reiki
Sandra gave me a beautiful distant Reiki healing. I felt calmness wash over me as she did her treatment. I will definitely be going back to her again! Her report afterwards on what she discovered during her treatment was very vivid and detailed. She was very professional and an incredibly gifted healer.
Completion Process
"I loved my session with Sandra! She was so flexible and was able to make me feel really understood and like she was there with me every step of the way. Even when I felt lost, she was there with me and guided me so beautifully. She was so attuned to me - I felt like she had great insight into my emotional state during the process, which allowed her to say just the right things.
She also did Parts Work with me - I felt like that was truly helpful to create clarity in me and open up things that were really hard to access for me by myself.
 I can only recommend working with her!"
Arden Rowell
Shakti Reiki
I would highly recommend Sandra, she intuitively knew what needed to be done and has helped me clear some blockages I was not aware i had. I can see progress already and I thank you for helping me.

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