A place to share things that touched or activated us, things we've learned, sources of heart-based learning, all things self-alignment… And simply to stay in touch between gatherings.   

Community guidelines

We are all sensitive, loving, expansive souls in this community. Below are some guidelines to help us keep it a safe space for all.

As a member of the Sangha, whether in the free WhatsApp group,  gatherings or events, or on the community platform, you’re committed to following our community guidelines below. 

Sangha agreements

 • The theme of the Sangha is living from the heart. To practice unbecoming and finding self-alignment, whatever that looks like to you. Please share in alignment with this theme. You're welcome to share what's going on in your life in heartfelt ways, and to ask for support. Content out of alignment with the theme may be removed.

 • All group members are invited to contribute their unique gifts in the group and in gatherings. It's not a place for commercial ads, but you're very welcome to share info about, and links to your soul led work in moderation whenever you feel called to.

 • We aim to balance kindness and compassion with freedom of expression. Hold space for multiple truths and perspectives. It's ok to disagree. Speak from your own experience, using "I statements" . Practice curiosity. Allow mistakes for yourself and others. Balance self care (eg. the need to speak up for yourself) and community care (empathy with other's perspective) to the best of your ability. 

 • We aim to hold space for others without judgment. It's ok to have emotions. Listen to witness or understand, not to fix. To keep the group safe, emotions are not directed towards group members. Please speak with me in private if you feel uncertain about anything.

 • We aim for this to be an inclusive space. Try to be conscious of social biases, and and strive for healthy dynamics between everyone present. Allow people space to step up and share their hearts.
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