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    3 day retreat 

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    14 audios

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    3 PDF

    Awakening to Joy
    Online Self-Retreat

    Aliveness, joy, peace… Do they feel a little out of reach? Let's slow down, reconnect with presence, and tap into stillness.


    I'm here to help you slow down and reconnect with yourself. Begin by a return to nature and the wonders within and around you. Let these be doors to tap deeper into a stillness beyond. Allow this 3-day full immersion to gently guide you back to aliveness and joy, without hurry. Soak your being in presence, and watch your consciousness expand.

    What's included?

    Morning meditation

    The daily morning meditation includes wisdom, visualization, prompts for self-reflection, and rejuvenating quiet time. This meditation and talk is generally longer, and can be done from bed, although a brief first part on day 2 requires sitting.

    Active day meditation

    Day 1 and Day 2 offer active, playful mindfulness meditations to be done in nature or in your home. Day 2 includes talks & tools to understand your energy. 
    On Day 3, a visualization journey will
    take you to the ocean for deep release, rejuvenation and heart opening. 

    Evening meditation

    These meditations are intended to bring you deeper into your being. You will learn what yoga nidra is, and to reprogram your mind in the ways you most desire. These meditations are powerful! Once you open to joyful receptivity, be prepared to see your wishes come true!

    Total: 14 Audio

    Including guided meditations and visualization journeys, playful breathwork, somatic mindfulness exercises, deep meditations for self-exploration, and talks on yogic wisdom to bring you deepeer.

    Homework :)

    A daily PDF with prompts to deepen your journey. I recommend taking the time to journal & really consider what feels true to you, what matters and why, and how knowing this might inspire your life.

    Satya Sangha

    When enrolling in this retreat, you also gain access to a community of people on their awareness expansion journey.
    Ask questions, give and receive support, share your insights, and practice embodying what you are stepping into with your awaening journey.

    What others have said

    From Awakening to Joy Retreat - after day 1

    Lesley: We really enjoyed the relaxation and the mindfulness. I found the mindfulness was different from what we've practised before but it was absolutely amazing. I was able to visualize places in nature. We've never done before, in mindfulness, visualization of the water - it worked perfectly for me. [The visualization] just works so beautifully. And the energies of nature, I've had an amazing calm after the meditation. So amazing.

    Sandra you've got a lovely voice, it's beautiful, and it does make you relax and really listen to what you said - and visualizing as well. And that was so beautiful. I could feel that water on my toes, and I could feel the sand underneath my feet. Beautiful. Thank you!

    Jane: I think it's one of those times when you realize things come to you when you need them, when you're ready. Because in this peculiar time, I've started walking down the lane and watching Spring like I havent watched it for years. And I'm taking my time with that. And to be here today, and to listen to those poems, and have that meditation, it's just so relevant and so heartwarming. Thank you so much, it was beautiful.

    Erica: Yes I can only just repeat what other people have said; I don't have any difficulty relaxing - and I was concerned about that, because at this time of day, normally it's my most active time - and yet I've still managed to visualize exactly the place [you described].

    Cheryl: All that's already been said! This [stye of meditation] is quite new to me, but I was able to take little snippets and remember, and hopefully to put them in my toolbox. Thank you very much, both of you. Brilliant.

    From Awakening to Joy Retreat - after completion

    Rachel: Just wanted to thank you for the 3 day workshops and giving us your time and enthusing us all so much. I've found myself looking forward to them more and more. So much to digest… I think I'll be taking more time out to concentrate on it all… for which I am grateful to you both. Again, thank you.

    Lesley: With many thanks from us for the wonderful series of workshops which we so enjoyed. There are so many elements which we can take away with us and we shall keep listening, reading and practicing – so beneficial in these difficult and challenging times. Thank you again and, of course, Namaste.

    "It was wonderful - will you be doing it more workshops throughout summer?"

    Erica: "I've never experienced anything like that with the meditation, that's new for me and it will take a bit of getting in. But when you're talking it feel like it's been there all the time, if that makes sense!

    "As the weeks have gone by, I've felt I've gone more and more deeply into my process, and it's definitely been feeling that my life has been supported by the retreat."

    Satya Mountain Yoga

    Sandra Ehlers

    Your insctructor
    Sandra Ehlers is a Self-Integration & Kundalini Awakening Guide, Trauma Informed Yoga Meditation Teacher, Event Facilitator, Reiki Master, and Writer.
    Her work is dedicated to inner union - not only through expanded awareness, but as a lived, embodied experience of wholeness in the world. The focus is on transforming and integrating all levels of consciousness; physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual - creating a foundation for deepened present-moment awareness, equanimity, aliveness, and ultimately, bliss. Alongside workshops, classes and retreats, Sandra offers 1:1 support for deep trauma healing through the Completion Process and other modalities, as well as personal guidance to reignite passion, joy and fulfillment through deep self-alignment.
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