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    Up to 3 hours

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    Self-Integration Process 1:1 deep healing session

    Deep emotional healing work suitable for deep trauma integration and spiritual expansion. Emotional vipassana, inner child work, memory re-integration & more.

    1:1 guidance for deep healing & alignment

    A Self-Integration Process (earlier: Completion Process) helps you explore deep subconscious emotions and beliefs, powerfully supporting you to let go of what keeps you stuck. You will experience it as a gentle but raw organic flow, diving into your emotions and sensations. Expect up to 3 hours for one session. 
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    Self-Integration Process & other modalities

    The Self-Integration Process (3h) I offer is my evolution of the Completion Process. As a certified practitioner (CPCP), I've greatly appreciated the potency of the latter as a self-contained process, helping us gently cut through any bypassing and self-protection, teaching us to be unconditionally present with ourselves. 

    I renamed my offering from Completion Process to Self-Integration Process based on the realization that what I offer cannot be boxed in. My clients frequently point out that you simply cannot find it elsewhere. In a deeply connected intuitive flow, I weave in a decade of experience in awakening, yoga philosophy, energy work, Kundalini, shamanic support and other personal practice - all completely tailored to your needs. 

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    I believe in balancing shadow work with inviting elements of grounding, play, ease and lightness into our daily experience. This enables us both to move the energy out of our body and energy, and to feel empowered to turn the self-awareness we gain into tangible change in our lives, so as to actually improve it.

    As a Reiki Master and Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher, I offer these modalities as a possible complement to support life balance. In Self-Integration Mentoring (2h), I offer support in learning processes and tools for how our mind and emotions can work for us rather than against us. This more active and applied mentoring is the main difference to the Self-Integration Process, where my role is rather to offer you my full unconditional presence and compassion as your process naturally unfolds.

    Please note: I am not a medical professional. My services are complementary to and do not substitute medical support from your doctor, psychologist, psychotherapist or other health care provider.

    About the practitioner & practice

    I am a certified Completion Process Practitioner and Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher (260h), with additional trainings in trauma informed emotional support. 

    Beyond trainings, my real strength is life experience and devotion to truth and love. I've been devoted to heart led awakening to true inner union for a decade+. My pearl string of Dark Nights and self-awareness work have been relentless - it is my blessing to be able to serve you from my depth now.  

    I work with people across all countries, cultures and labels. When you come to me, you come as a Human Being. That, to me, is immense. I will treat you with that level of devotion and service, making no distinction based on outer appearances. There exists no issue too big or too small for you to bring to me.

    My gift and burning passion is to hold space for and support deep healing and integration of all layers of our being – physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. In reintegrating the lost parts of ourselves, we become naturally able to return to our state of inner wholeness.

    I have witnessed incredible healing of a wide variety of trauma; from physical, emotional and mental abuse, to “small” everyday life triggers, to the evolution towards divine feminine & masculine. I’ve seen how everything has a purpose; nothing is insignificant or too big in our lives. It’s an ever humbling experience to learn just how capable we all are to rise from our inheritance into our true selves.

    I’m dedicated to create a completely safe, non-judgmental space where all of you, and anything that comes up in a session is welcome and, of course, 100% confidential. Mutual trust is crucial both to address and heal deep wounds and blocks from their root, and to find courage for deeper self-intimacy and growth.

    While I do have a process and will help guide you through the aspects of your being, every person and situation is unique – hence each session evolves organically. You are always in charge of pace, what to explore more, what practices feel good to try on or not, what insights you wish to keep for your journey ahead, and so on.

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