• Duration

    2 hours

  • Material

    Zoom recording

    Embodiment: Overwhelm Management

    Learn to understand the different kinds of overwhelm, and what to do when you experience it. This workshop includes everything you need to know, from immediate and daily regulation, to the deep work and soul lessons.

    About this workshop

    Do you often struggle with overwhelm?

    Whether due to neurodivergence, or overwhelming life experiences, we can feel at a loss with how to deal with the feeling of "too much".

    Especially if we were never modelled emotional processing!

    This workshop helps you understand the different kinds of overwhelm, and what to do when you experience it.

    More than immediate and daily regulation, we’ll also talk about the deep work when overwhelm is recurring in your life, and the deeper soul lessons.

    From diverse fields of experience

    As a neurodivergent person, I know burnout and the different kinds of overwhelm well. Since it also crops up in deep work sessions with others, I’ve had the chance to both understand overwhelm more deeply, and try out tricks that can work both in the “hot moment” and in later processing.

    Drawing from this experience of working with trauma informed yoga and deep emotional healing, I'm excited to share this workshop as a "complete kit"; from practical management, to deep emotional work and spiritual lessons.

    All explored with a simple analogy to help your understanding!

    From managing to thriving

    My intention is to inspire and support you to a more flowing, easeful day to day experience.

    What I share here has the potential to transform your relationship to overwhelm completely…

    We don't have to settle for managing life. My heartfelt wish is that you may transition into the ease of life that you are looking for.
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