• estimated time

    2.5 hours

  • audio

    12 tracks
    -5 elements meditations
    -5 extra deliberations

  • homework

    1 exercise, incl.
    1 PDF worksheet

    Reconnect with
    the five elements 

    Explore the 5 elements in yoga - earth, water, fire, air and space - as they affect your body, life, personality and consciousness.

    How you'll connect to the elements

    A blend of yogic and shamanic wisdom and practice

    Get to know the element

    - qualities and symbolism

    - in the layers of our being

    - personality traits and tendencies

    The element in the body

    - connect to element in the body
    - physical & other imbalances
    - how to balance the element 

    Connect to the element

    - connect with its qualities

    - merge with the element

    - explore nature consciousness

    What you'll practice

    - breath, movement, or relaxation

    - lessons & meditations interwoven

    - visualization & body sensation

    Why should I take this course?

    Working with the elements can support all levels of your being: 

    • Fine-tune your self-awareness
    • Find balance and improve wellbeing 
    • Tailor supportive routines for your life
    • Enjoy concsious relationship with nature
    • Return to innocence and ecstasy
    • Support your spiritual path
    • Follow the yogic aspiration
    Meditation on the elements - or their fundamental qualities - is a key element of yoga. 

    It's what your physical being is made of; learning to work with the elements has powerful benefits at multiple levels of your being.

    From deeply understanding your own composition, and how to optimize wellbeing in your own life, to finding your spiritual path of most alignment and least resistance, to directly approaching the aspiration of yoga: moving attention beyond form into pure awareness.

    The yogic aspiration becomes possible with exploring the elements, because by truly understanding your relationship to them, you learn where and why your attention is fixated on the physical. Understanding this allows you to let go, and consciously move beyond the physical to explore less dense states of consciousness.

    Not to say that we want to get away from density. To the contrary!

    Ecstasy is experienced in a physical body only when we embrace our physicality completely, allowing us to be fully present in our body and in the world. Working with the elements can help you develop a more loving relationship with life on Earth, which supports presence and feeling delicious in your body.

    Remember: Yoga isn't about trying to mold us to become different. Rather, it is about becoming deeply aware and accepting of our most natural inclinations and truth, and what limits us from experiencing our essence.

    If we know what our nature is, then we can live consciously accordingly, and that's where our health and wellbeing is.

    What's included?






    Why matter matters

    2 aspects of connecting
    with nature

    Physical healing through focused awareness 

    Connecting with nature
    for healing trauma 

    Your Spiritual Path

    A Final Exercise

    PDF worksheet

    Satya Mountain Yoga

    Sandra Ehlers

    Your insctructor
    Sandra Ehlers is a Self-Integration & Kundalini Awakening Guide, Trauma Informed Yoga Meditation Teacher, Event Facilitator, Reiki Master, and Writer.
    Her work is dedicated to inner union - not only through expanded awareness, but as a lived, embodied experience of wholeness in the world. The focus is on transforming and integrating all levels of consciousness; physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual - creating a foundation for deepened present-moment awareness, equanimity, aliveness, and ultimately, bliss. Alongside workshops, classes and retreats, Sandra offers 1:1 support for deep trauma healing through the Completion Process and other modalities, as well as personal guidance to reignite passion, joy and fulfillment through deep self-alignment.
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