Satya Sangha

Satya means truth, and the art of living in truthfulness.

your healing, awakening and inner union in a living, loving community devoted to truth.

Who we are

Imagine your friends always encouraging you to shine as yourself.
To dream unapologetically, and to remember the love that you are. 

Our community is young and small; but tight-knit and caring.

A sister- and brotherhood where all of what you are is embraced,
including your human messiness, and your limitless magic.

A space to ask for and lean on support, be inspired to beauty, joy,
belonging and love, rootedness and belonging with Nature,
with Earth, with humanity, and in spirit.

We bring playfulness back into the creation of life.

Ours is a co-creative story: Allow us to explore your uniqe gifts, too!

The gifts for you  

Loving community: beyond pricing  
1 monthly
workshop: value €44 / month
1 monthly gathering:
value €11 / month
1 monthly webinar:
1 monthly live meditation:
Reconnect with the 5 elements:
value €77
Awakening to Joy 3-Day Retreat: value €88
Library of meditations & events:
 value €99

...ALL this for €28 / month! (value €319 for just the 1st month!)


Become part of the sangha

You'll get all the value of Satya Sangha for €28/month, including the community gatherings, monthly workshops and webinars, mini-courses, meditations and more. All in one place!  

Satya Courses

You can also buy the courses below separately; without a monthly membership, with no expiration to your course access.

Membership plans

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