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    Satya Sangha free meditations & recordings

    All current and past meditations and event recordings are found within the Sangha. Below you'll find a tiny sneak peak!

    We offer live meditations every last Friday of the month. They are free, open to everyone who wants to explore playfully. Join our next meditation: Zoom link 

    Earth & Cosmic Eros

    An introduction to earthly and cosmic eros, as a part of the divine romance. Your invitation to tap into the most physical aspect of life, alongside, and in a dance with the greater all around you.

     this sound was recorded in Balinese nature - hence the noise background. You'll hear water running, jungle sounds, and village roosters. Perhaps it might help spark your imagination?
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    Photo: Paula Simons

    Happy Easter!

    A quick, playful Easter inspired meditation that you can use anytime to boost your manifestations, support connection with your intuition, and tap into joy and excitement. 
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    Monthly Live meditation February 2024:

    Inner Child & Higher Self Tap into your true magic

    This magical session begins with an introduction to the inner child - higher self connection (11 minutes). Next, enjoy a playful meditation in 4 parts: wonderful excercises to strengthen your connection to your higher self. Set your intentions for a magical life.  Total: 45 minutes.
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    Monthly Live meditation January 2024:

    Weaving the love story Belonging

    Feeling like we belong is key to feel an integrated sense of completeness in our world. How do you feel belonging? Dive in with us in self-inquiry and meditation to learn more.
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    Monthly Workshop February 2024:

    Embodiment: Overwhelm Management

    Sneak peak from the Overwhelm Management course: Who is this for?

    This course helps you understand the different kinds of overwhelm, and what to do when you experience it. Everything from immediate and daily regulation, to the deep work when overwhelm is recurring in your life. And not least (often neglected), the deeper soul lessons.

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    Awakening to Joy
    3-day virtual retreat

    A quick intro to the online retreat filled with meditations, exercises and talks to spark your inherent sense of joy, and to perhaps lead you deeper. Inspired by the much appreciated Awakening Workshop Series held with yoga teacher Lucie Minne back in 2020. 

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    Monthly Webinar February 2024:

    Energy Management 101: Design for Flow

    Explore ways to structure daily life for your personal energy needs and flow!
    Intentional life design is especially important for anyone with fluctuating energy, and in recovery from burnout and trauma. You'll learn not only to honor your needs and innate flow as it is, but to build your foundation around your situation, energy type, and desires.
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